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We have a M365 group that has around 130 users in it and used it to share a file every week to users. Now all of a sudden it has stopped working and displays the message below:Screenshot 2020-10-29 192047.png


I have tried recreating the group and it still does the same thing. I have tried other M365 groups and they seem to work just fine. I tried recreating this group as a mail-enabled security group with no luck as well. This happens in both the web and desktop app versions of OneDrive as well as the Office Desktop Apps.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I'm not clear on why you're sharing with OneDrive. The M365 group comes with its own SharePoint storage that all group members have access to.

Perhaps you could explain your (seemingly nonstandard) sharing setup.
By the way, open a support ticket since this behavior is clearly not expected

@Mike Williams Same issue here with two of our 365 groups, but for us, it is working when using the Onedrive web app. Although I think you are right about the sharepoint storage, this is not always as clear for our non-IT users that have to learn working with these tools. They sometimes tries things that we would not think of doing. 

And what if someone who is not a member of this group want to share a file with the group ?


Question is why this is working for most of our 365 groups, but only these two ? 



@Mike Williams Like @Christian Duguay was saying, our users use the M365 as a distribution list not knowing it is also a SharePoint site, mailbox, and much more even though we have had plenty of training in our organization on these. I find myself deleting and recreating groups often because our users do not know that they are creating a M365 group when they click the "New Group" button in Outlook and not a distribution list.


When I logged in this morning I found that after copying the membership of the group and putting it into a mail-enabled security group with a slightly different name has fixed the issue. I did the same thing for the M365 group as well as a test and that worked too but we are going to stick with the mail-enabled group as they only want a distribution list that also gives access to the file in OneDrive.

Per @Juan Carlos González Martín 's suggestion I have opened an incident with Microsoft since I am seeing more and more groups show up like this inside of OneDrive when trying to share.

Just saying, but you should consider restricting who can create M365 groups. I am glad I did , because just as you says, people were creating M365 groups using the "New group button" in outlook without knowing the difference.

In our case, these are Teams groups, so I can't delete and recreate easily. Please, let me know if you have a reply from microsoft on this.

@rjaco15 I don't know what changed, but this is working for us this morning. I can share normally with both groups. My OneDrive is at the same version it was last week, so an update did not solved it apparently.