OneDrive sharing issue - two versions of the same file

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Since it's my first post in here I'd like to say - Hi Everyone :)


I have a file in OneDrive for Business that is shared between two people. They are in the same room, first person edits and save the file, close Excel and the next person opens in it Excel - sometimes the second person gets message that the file on the server is different than on their drive and asked to keep server or local version.


My guess is that sometimes after one person edits and saves the file it just isn't synchronized with the other computer - so when second person tries to edit it in Excel or Word - OD "wakes up" and gives the message...


Anyone had similar issue ? Is there a solution for that ? Haven't tried to update the app on the computers though....

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What version of onedrive client do you have? If you still have the old one you will def. run into issues but the new client should open the files from the web by default and not locally so it shouldn’t matter if they sync has happened or not. There is an option as well to overwrite this in the settings on new client that could be off but let us k ow what your using first.

Thanks Chris for the tip !


I have updated OneDrive to the lastest version (using online o365 installer) and after a few days we will see if that solved the problem.

Also make sure you don’t have any old office clients as well on one end since they can’t coauthor they could lock the files as well but seems like someone just has their onedrives set to open files locally which will cause this. Soon as I get to a computer I’ll share the setting I’m talking about.
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Here is the setting I'm talking about, it goes hand in hand with preventing conflicts.

Thanks again @Chris Webb !


I will try just updating office and if the problem will persist then I will go with switching off the setting you mentioned.

Hey @Wojciech_Bogacz , stumbled back across this article, never heard back, did you have any luck? 

@Chris Webb - For the last two weeks I haven't heard any complaints on that matter so it seems it solved the problem :)

Can you mark which suggestion fixed it as answer? Assuming you updated clients?

I did update clients and cleared "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open" check box in the OneDrive settings.

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