OneDrive shared folders - Can they be access with having to use the email link?

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Can I access shared folders in OneDrive with using the link that was emailed to me every time?

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Yes as lon as the link has not expired

I miss communicated my message. I want to know if you can access the shared folders without having to use the links...

Yes, generally speaking you should see the shared file under the "shared with me" menu. Including externally shared files now.

What these guys said, however, there is also some things that would require the link, the users using that link are external users they won't have access to the Shared with me link etc. So it kind of depends on who is using the link originally.

If you share using an anon link or "Org link", the first time someone clicks the link they will get added to the permissions of the source if they are an org user, but until then they must use the link, unless you use "Specific people" option which will add direct permission to the use at time of creation.

So basically, to answer your question, it depends on how it was shared.