OneDrive Share dialog difference between Browser and Desktop

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When I click to Share a file from OneDrive in the browser, I get "Only the people you specify who have this link can edit" as the default choice. This is what we expect to see.

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If I click to Share from my OneDrive folder on my desktop (Win7) I get "Only people who already have access can use this link" as the default. 

Does anyone know why the defaults are different between browser and desktop?

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I also recently noticed that my default has changed to "Only people who already have access can use this link". This is actually what I want and I figured it was just remembering my last selection?

Is it the same default when accessing OneDrive through your browser? 

Which version/build of Office is that?

Office 2016 version 1901. Others are seeing the same experience on Office 2016 version 1809.


Onedrive client is version 2019 (Build 19.002.0107.0008).

Strange, the sharing dialog experience is being unified by Microsoft so I can only think OS version can be the root cause of those differences

I began to see this earlier today.  I was sharing via the portal and in the matter of an hour this changed to only those who have access and I was forced to change it to the the one I wanted that was our default organizationally.  I am on Windows 10 and my sync client didn't give me that message.

Very strange. For us it has reverted back to the default behavior on desktop and browser.


Something is affecting it, may have to open a ticket to figure out what.

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Hi all,


We are making some backend updates to the sharing dialog which may have caused this issue to appear. If you are still seeing this, please let me know so we can investigate further :) Thanks!


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