Onedrive - Server - Sharepoint Sync Issue

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Hi All,


Our current work uses a local on site server to store files, run programs etc. Due to the current Covid situation many of us are now working from home. Our IT consultant set up sharepoint which has mirrored/stored/copied our server files to the cloud. 


Initially those of us working at home accessed the files saved on the server via sharepoint and as we created and updated files and folders on sharepoint these changes were updated on the server. This also worked in the opposite direction. People updating files and folders on the server would lead to these files and folders being updated on sharepoint.


However after about 3 weeks of this working very well it has suddenly stopped working. Now any updates made on the server do not get synced to sharepoint. We are seeing no error or sync messages. The odd thing is that any files created or modified on sharepoint will actually update on the server.


Our IT consultant wants to rebuild our server which is less than ideal as he will need a few days to do it and we require constant computer/server access to run our business. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Or know of any setttings or troubleshooting methods we can try.


Thanks in advance.



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