OneDrive Search not working

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I am unable to search my files in OneDrive either through the browser or through my iphone OneDrive app.


I keep on getting this error while I know the file is in OneDrive database I synced/saved in.




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Can you navigate to the files via the browser or app? If not, it may be that you've saved to a OneDrive folder on a device that is not syncing to the cloud.

If you can navigate to them, then I recommend contacting MS support. I had a similar issue with Dropbox which required their intervention.
Yes I can navigate the files manually in browser and iPhone OneDrive app. Thanks. I will contact MS support. How can I do that ?
In the app, click Me > Help and Feedback > Report a problem

In the browser, click ? (Help) at top right, and then Contact support (at bottom of pane)