OneDrive saving to cloud and not available offline as default

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I have MyDocuments set to sync to my OneDrive account.  I also have MyDocuments set to Always make available offline.  Quite often, when I try to save something from MS Office 2016 I get a window that tells me to login to OneDrive - which I already am.  I dutifully put my login information in.  I then get all kinds of sync errors.  I get a banner at the top of the screen saying there was a problem saving to the server (or something like that).  Why isn't it saving to my computer and then syncing?  I can force this behavior by logging off VPN and then turning off wifi.  It seems like Office is saving to OneDrive and then is syncing to my PC.  That seems exactly backwards.  


This also seems connected to the fact that there are folders that are showing that they have a sync pending.  The onedrive app in the tray says that sync is up to date.  Just before I took the picture below, I had a bunch of folders that had the green check circle that was not filled in on many of these folders despite the fact that the folder was already marked as keep on this device.


Three questions:

1. Is there a way to force Office to save directly to my computer and then sync rather than save to the cloud and sync to my computer?

2.  Why does onedrive say that it's done syncing and file explorer says that it's not?

3. Why does onedrive not make files automatically offline if i've checked the folder to be always offline? 




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Remove the old login password from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager

Try again all these issues will be sorted.