OneDrive ruined my projects

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Today I was working on some of my applications in VS Code. However, out of nowhere, OneDrive opened and decided to update and download tons of files. I have no idea why this happened. I've not used one drive since 2018, so there was no reason for this to happen. However, when I stopped this process, damage had already been done to my files. Some were restored to versions of years ago. Additionally, this completely ruined the code I was working on, and now my server is down because of this. I want to permanently delete OneDrive from Windows 11 so that this doesn't happen again, I'm not satisfied with disabling the application I want it gone from my computer how do I do this?

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Update, I've been trying to fix this already, and I noted this also edited node files, which now don't allow me to initiate any node server, I'm going to have to reinstall node in my computer because of this
You would have to be a) intentionally storing files inside the OneDrive folder; b) logging into OneDrive: and c) editing the exact same files as you had 5y ago.

Why are you doing this?

Hi Jesusgbg,

I advise all my customers to be careful when using Microsoft 365 Desktop apps in combination with the OneDrive Sync app and, if possible, to only use the Microsoft 365 Online applications or the MS Teams Desktop app. Sync issues can and will always result in a versioning- and backup hell.

Nonsense. If you split out the desktop apps from the browser versions, then you will really be in versioning hell.

Note, everyone still needs to properly back up files stored in cloud sync systems. OneDrive/DropBox will save you from "Woops" situations where a file is overwritten or device lost, but for long term recovery, you need distinct versioned backups.