OneDrive Retention Policy for OneNote

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Is there a way to make all OneDrive for Business content temporary (retention a couple of days at most) except users' OneNote data?


We're moving from Office 2010 (no kidding) to Office 2016 on-prem. We currently do not support cloud storage of business data, so we plan to set OneDrive to delete all content overnight. (Only supported use for OneDrive is to replace WeTransfer as file sharing tool.)


However, we also want to let our users use OneNote across devices. So we'd like to make an exception for OneNote in our OneDrive retention policies.


Can this be done?

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OneNote has its own sync mechanism and as such shouldn't be included in your OneDrive sync folders.

I'm afraid OneNote does store its data on our OneDrive. When I check out my OneDrive online, I can see the OneNote files.

To be specific: our users' OneDrive root contains a OneNote file called <first name> @ <our organization>, in my case Floris @ BNG Bank.