Onedrive recreating folder structure

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I noticed in sharepoint that the structure started to be recreated by a user.
When I went to check, the folders were empty.

It is as if the user has recreated the folder structure, however, it is empty.

Do you know what it could be?

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I downloaded OneDrive version 22.022 (Standalone) from the Microsoft website and installed it... but it's still showing "Intel" under Kind in Activity Monitor.

Is there something special we need to do? Or should I get the Mac App Store version?

EDIT: I deleted OneDrive and downloaded the Mac App Store version. Same thing... still shows "Intel" even though I've got the most current version.

Maybe there should be a "How do we get it?" section in this article...

For the OneDrive recreated folder structure issue, same here. It's bloating my Mac disk already ~