Onedrive personal icon not appearing

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Recently got onedrive for business. On the bottom right of my taskbar on my laptop I have a grey personal onedrive icon and a blue business onedrive icon. But if I log into my desktop I only have the blue business onedrive icon. How can I get the personal onedrive icon on my desktop as well?
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So each device may have diffrent sync stuff.
Right click one OneDrive (Blue Icon)- Settings Tab Account
Click on Add an Account
Enter your Credential from your OneDrive Personal - Sign In
Enter the Password 


It's not a different account.

There's only one account linked on my laptop yet both the grey and the blue icon appear. But not on my desktop when logging in with the same account details.

@Lordgaga  if you have 5 devices, you have to insert 5 times your personal OneDrive account.
Also Business accounts not normally installed automatically. But Admins may do that,

Why Do you not do, what I have written ?