OneDrive on new Windows computer

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Hi all,

sorry if this is already been asked, I tried a quick search and couldn't find my problem.

I have a Onedrive family subscription, with 5 accounts that I manage (one is my main account and the other four have been registered only to upload my files).

Some months ago, I uploaded all my files split between these accounts, sharing them all with my main account.

This week I setup a new windows pc, using one of the secondary accounts that has files on it. I chose not to back up my computer.

Now my files on said account are gone, it's totally empty. If I log in with that account on the browser I see nothing, all the storage space is available. The recycle bin is empty, no recent files. Strange thing is, if I login with my main account (the one I shared all my files to), I can still see the files, but the field in the details tab telling me which account is sharing with me (the owner), is empty, no name.

Does anyone know what I have to do to have all my files available again on my secondary account?

Thank you very much!

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Either you never uploaded file to the account you thought you did, someone else with access has deleted them, or you're not actually looking at the right account.