OneDrive On Demand in High Sierra

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I recently got an employee who is using High Sierra because that's the max his macbook can handle. It seems that the option in OneDrive for the On Demand is missing. I called Microsoft who told me that it is not supported. To be honest, i don't understand why it is not. What is Mojave so special in that the On Demand is not supported on any previous versions? 


Is there an unofficial way to make it to work?


Thank you.

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That had custom finder integration added in mohav to some degree. The code based it was built on requires it so there is no work around for it that I have seen.

@Chris Webb - I thought it was only because they needed APFS; then I hear it's because Microsoft needed to use Finder extensions.  But Finder extensions exist in High Sierra.  So what's the problem?

jüst found solution tested and works well


option one if you are running server point that at one drive sync files map to imac

option two by cheap pc point to one drive then map files to Mac

perfect solution to a pain in the rear problem and much cheaper than a new Mac @VasileiosG 

Can you please elaborate?@doode916