OneDrive not synch'g folders - about to give up!

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I work in a small, new company and I recently bought our first Microsoft 365 account for the 3 of us.  We're all working from home and Teams has been great to connect work together.


I've been testing OneDrive for business as we need all access to a series of folders.  Previously, we have all used DropBox and have our own DropBox accounts but we wanted to start afresh with central folders for our new company.  So we started testing with OneDrive and, quite frankly, it is doing my head in!


Despite us all being logged into our 365 accounts, one member can't synchronise anything and another hasn't had a synchronise since 11 November and hence has not changes or additions to the folder structure that I've been working on - yet OneDrive says it's up to date!


I'm either missing somehting really simple or OneDrive just isn't up to the job and we'd be better buying a new DropBox account for all of us and ditching it.


So as a last ditch attempt to oversome this, I thought I'd post about my experience with it so far in the hoep that someone may be able to point me in the right direction for a fix to this issue.


Thanks for reading my post and thinking about how you may be able to help us.

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It is very difficult to find out what is wrong with your specific setup without knowing any details. In any case you would have to open a ticket with Microsoft support if you have a technical issue.


  • Are you using SharePoint Online, Teams,  or are you only using OneDrive for Business and shared folders?
  • Are the files and folders visible in the browser?
  • Are you using very long file names or path names?