Onedrive - Not allow you login in incognito mode or private mode

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Hi all,


I hope you guys are doing well. I realize something quite interesting a vendor shares a OneDrive share link with my user. My user has two work email accounts.


Usually, we will open a private mode browser and then sign in to a diff account which the vendor specifies only a few of them can access the resources.


We then realize it only allows the user to access the link when the internet browser is in normal mode, but it doesn't allow you to access when the internet browser is in private mode or incognito mode.

People said because the creator want to monitor the member. Is it true?


I would appreciate any comment you provide. Thanks in advance.

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I have not experienced this limitation.

Please indicate which browsers, platforms are involved and any error messages
Hi there’s no error msg, after enter user email address and pw, it just go back the page ask you to enter your email address again. We have tried it on the Edge and Chrome browsers.

But when the browser in normal mode, my user can just sign in straight.
Contact Microsoft Support.
Two things:

1] It could either be a policy enforced by the vendor on how the content should be accessed externally.
2] Browser policy enforced by your org on your user's machine.