OneDrive Next gen sync client preview - Update 17.3.6705.1122

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Hi Guys,


Has the OneDrive NGSC Preview been updated?


I see the icon styling has changed:



the build I have is 17.3.7605.1122

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Indeed it's continuously being updated...I recommend you to read Hans Brender posts where he regularly write about each new version of the Sync Client:

This site is in german and as far as i can "read", it has not been updated yet with this new release.

Here are my first observation with this update :

- the icon for sharepoint subsites sync has been changed

- it seems that the synchronisation for external users is on its way (it does not work on my PC, but the sync wizard is going one step further)


Has anyone got more informations ?

Version 17.3.6705.1122 changelog is here:

It is very confusing that the same version number is listed both as a preview version and as an apparent production version, with different features and fixes!

Moreover, current installations of production version are not automatically upgraded, and remain at version 17.3.6517.0809, while the new version (17.3.6705.1122) is downloadable only from the preview page!

What a mess!!!

Can someone at MS shed some light?



I write most of my blog posts in two languages, so now you have both versions online

engl Version



I write most of my blog posts in two languages, so now you have both versions online

engl Version and here the Overview

Blog 03.png




I saw your blog, seems very interesting, hoping the issue with the Preview not always syncing is resolved.

Thank you Hans...

I still miss the external user TeamSite Sync feature... I hope this will be available soon.

Yeah, I noticed my little blue clouds were more Summery in colour :)
Also, is there a change log anywhere?

not all, but more then in earlier Versions, are automaticall updated. This is done by Microsoft. So I have also one PC from a diffrent Office 365 tenant, that is still on 0809

Is there any "official" download way of the new client (17.3.6705.1122) or is the only way to wait until Microsoft decides when "my" client is updated or visit Hans Brenders page and download it from there?

I'm using the download link available here.

Also, shouldn't the OneDrive.exe automatically take over the Groove.exe? It says so here: "When you sign in to the new OneDrive sync client (OneDrive.exe), the new OneDrive sync client automatically takes over syncing the sites libraries that the previous OneDrive for Business sync client (Groove.exe) was syncing."

Again, Microsoft makes it confusing... having the same version number on two different versions.

@Hans Brender

For the sake of clarity: are you saying that, on some machines, production version 17.3.6517.0809 (i.e. without the preview registry key) has been automatically upgraded to a newer version?  Indeed?

Yes, but on another tenant still have 0809

It looks confusing.


Preview Version


You have to do something manually, setting a registry key,....  then you are able to sync

  • Team sites
  • Groups
  • Shared with me

but without that, then you use this version as a Released Version


or see here