OneDrive - Mac OS Ventura - iMac 3.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

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Yesterday, at around 10AM EDT, OneDrive crashed on my Mac.  For the past 20 hours I have tried to restore the OneDrive app on the Mac.  I have installed and reinstalled the app.  I have rebooted the gateway.  I have more than enough capacity (only using .4 of 1TB).  Even though I have uninstalled the app it is still showing in the Systems-General-Log In Items, which I have turned off. I can access my OneDrive on my iPhone and my iPad, but the app will no longer run on my iMac.  After I install it the OneDrive icon appears in the Menu Bar at the top, it just flashes on and off and prevents the iMac from functioning properly; it appears it trying to update and keeps taking control of the processor. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Same issue for me too. I'm running macOS Monterey (12.7.4). OneDrive app has auto updated over the weekend to version 24081.0421 and is now stuck in an endless loop with the cloud icon in the menu bar flashing on and off. When the cloud icon is there it takes over control from whatever app I'm using. There's a gap to type about 4/5 characters in each cycle!! Seems a dodgy update to me.

Thank you.  That is exactly what is happening to my iMac and my wife's MacBook Pro!! @JCarter2455 

I haven’t worked out how to disable just OneDrive from loading at start up (if indeed that’s possible?) so current work around for today is starting up in safe mode. Not ideal but at least can get some work done. Hopefully Microsoft will sort a fix soon. @FloridaJim 

I disabled it and then was able to delete it; Apple - Settings- General - Log In Items - turn it off and then restart; you an then delete the app in Finer-Apps@JCarter2455 

Just received the following update from Microsoft:

Hello James,

Hope you are doing good!

I just got another update from my escalation team, our engineering team is aware of this issue and they are currently working on a fix.

As a workaround, it is recommended that you use OneDrive on the web, while they are still working on the fix.

Best regards,
365 Consumer Ambassador

Thanks for passing this on @FloridaJim. Let's hope the fix is sooner rather than later. Rolling back to the previous version would be an improvement at the moment!

@FloridaJim I've just noticed there's an updated version of OneDrive in the AppStore. Haven't had chance to install yet but hopefully this is the fix we needed.