OneDrive Mac App stuck on "Preparing to upload" or "Processing Changes


Hi! I hope someone can help me, since I've been dealing with this issue for 2 weeks now and not even Global Support at Microsoft as an FTE could help me.


I'm using a MacBook Pro M1 (2021), MacOS Ventura 13.4.1 and downloading/uploading multiple image, video and audio files between co-workers by also using Adobe Suite. Suddenly, it stopped syncing properly and the OneDrive icon just shows "Preparing to upload" or "Processing Changes" for eternity, even if I connect to Ethernet (I also don't have any invalid symbols on my file names). Nothing has updated since July 11 for my coworkers, and the alternative of using the OneDrive Web is something I already do, but it's not practical at all since I need to download and upload my Adobe projects AND assets each time, making it more frustrating. It should be an easy experience along Finder and MacOS. 


I've tried reinstalling several times, even using the script inside the Contents folder of the app, and in the end it syncs with the user OneDrive, but not the Team one. This is not just a minor issue, this is costing the company weeks of work and money because we're not able to work async as a Global Team. And it's just on my Mac, since I have a Surface and everything works well there (but the machine is not powerful enough to handle the work). 


Please, help me. I'm very frustrated! It just feels MacOS support for OneDrive has been dropped, it feels like a alpha/beta version of the app. 


PD: I'm updating to MacOS 15.0 today, that an update was released, so hopefully that will help? Let's see. 

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Just to confirm the issue, I am exactly in the same situation. I'm using OneDrive 23.142.0709.0001 to be precise.
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@amaumexia Check if this issue is because you are syncing too many files at once? We have a limitation: Restrictions and limitations in OneDrive and SharePoint - Microsoft Support

1.Perform OneDrive Reset: Reset OneDrive (

(Perform below steps if step 1 does not resolve your problem.)

2. Delete keychain,

MAC by Finder > Go > Go to folder >  ~/Library/CloudStorage/*

Open OneDrive -> Delete items (top right corner button in file explorer)

3. Clear /Users/username/Library/Group Containers
a. Unlink all libraries in OneDrive.
b. Delete the folders xxxx.OneDriveStandaloneSuite and xxx.OneDriveSyncIntegration
c. Delete them from Trash as well.


4. Follow article to clear .DSStore cache: Fix OneDrive sync problems on a Mac (

Remove DS_Store Files on macOS (

Clear cache of local machine on MAC by Finder > Go > Go to folder >  ~/Library/Caches > Remove all files/folders

Now navigate to Finder > Computer > Mac HD > Library > Caches > Remove all files folder

Hey @Eilaf-Barmare 


Thanks for your answers and your instructions!


I did step 1 and part of 3 before reading this message, partially. Then just waited with OneDrive installed but not logged in. Today I logged in and all changes were done! It didn't registered the manual uploads I've been making on web OneDrive, but it's OK, since I have both the archive that the reset makes and my manual backup.


I'll share this with my teammates having the same issues. One thing to notice is that all of us came back from holidays (1 or 2 weeks) and I imagine the amount of files needed to be uploaded at our return was pretty big, surpassing the limit OneDrive and SharePoint has. If that's the issue, is there a way to prevent it or would you give us any suggestion before going OOF or into holidays? If it happens everytime someone goes for holidays, it may be a bug needed to be fixed and adding a feature "pause syncing for xxxx amount of time" could be a good option.


Cheers! I'll let you know if there is any other issue with me or my teammates. 


Thanks again!


Glad to know it worked, Cheers!