OneDrive limit changed from 5TB to 1TB

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For all of my users, the OneDrive limit suddenly changed from 5TB to 1TB today after working correctly for about 5 years. I have checked the licenses and all the usual settings. Nothing has changed and everything appears to be correct. I have tried to manually change accounts to 5120GB but I get a message saying it can't go higher than 1024GB. Not all my users are using over 1TB, but a few are and it is already causing some issues.


I have submitted a ticket with support, but it seems they keep asking the same questions (and I keep giving them the same answers). Does anybody have any suggestions? 

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@puterdood   We had the same issue with an user.  The issue was that the user was assigned an E1 license  (E1 appears to only allow for 1TB of storage).   We changed the licensing to E5 and were are able to change the user back to 5TB. 

Something in the universe definitely changed. All of my clients have M365 Business Premium and were provisioned for 5TB. It used to be that certain subscriptions with 5 or more users were able to tap into the 5TB limit. That has changed in the past week because I'm getting calls from users on different tenants like crazy. From what I can tell, the limit has been hard set to be 1TB. When investigating the file sizes for particular users, it appears that many files that are not MS Office files are saving 1000's of versions. I realize this is by design so perhaps this has been masked for a while due to the 5TB limit.

Maybe this was announced at some point but I definitely didn't see it coming. It's a major bummer.

@Robin_Poulose Sorry I do not have any answers just examples of my issues. I 've been on and off the phone with MS support for almost two weeks.  Thursday they admitted it was a One Drive issue and not just my issue.  I have 5 users and a couple of us had 5TB and I was using around 2 TB when I got a Sharepoint email saying that I was almost at my limit - so it was allowing 2 TB.  Support had me send a few scripts via powershell and it knocked it back to 1Tb so I now I can't use my ondrive at all.


I have another user that is using about 2TB and his is still showing 97% used, so at least it allows him to write to the drive for now but he doesn't have the 5TB that he is supposed to have.


It's unnerving that they can let this go on for weeks without a resolution.