OneDrive KFM- silently move folders to OneDrive GPO is not working

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Hello Everyone,

I was trying to implement ODFB "silently move Known folders to onedrive" GPO for all the test computers. 

steps: Created one GPO for computers and applied for the OU which has test computers

2. created another GPO for users only and implemented "prevent users from changing the location of their Onedrive folder" and some other policies. This one was applied to a security group. ---- this part is working fine. 

However, the KFM GPO for the computer is not working. I ran GPresult CMD and the log shows that my policies are applied successfully. However when I verify "registry key" HKey_current_user\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive , there are no registries registered for KFM GPO. 

I ran Gpupdate /force, however nothing seems to be working. I also tried to logout and login back 4-5 times and still there is no luck.


current OneDrive version: 19.070.0410.0005


  • Enable the policy “Prevent users from moving their Windows known folder to Onedrive” 
  • Enable the policy “Prevent users from redirecting their Windows known folder to their PC”
  • Enable the policy “Silent redirect Windows known folder to OneDrive”


Note: There is no existing GPO policy to redirect folders other than KFM. 


DO anyone know how to investigate this issue? I verified registry key and there are no keys for KFM, however if I ran gpresult /h , I am getting the log which shows that GPO's are applied successfully, which is weird that there are REG keys applied at all. 

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Hi Joseph

Can I suggest disabling the policy "Prevent users from moving their Windows known folder to Onedrive". I believe this is conflicting with the other 2 as it contradicts what the other 2 set out to do.