OneDrive KFM behavior working (great) but not by design (not great)

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We've been making good traction with Endpoint Manager & Auto Pilot and recently made the following observation:  Same user, 2 different devices, Device1 enrolled via AutoPilot, Device2 not (the device does not have TPM 2.0).  Once the devices are enrolled in Endpoint Manager their configuration polices are identical. Device1 has the characteristics of OneDrive KFM working, Device2 does not.  Here's the rub, we haven't enabled/setup/configured any OneDrive known folder policies at any level so we're left to deduce that it's happening as part of our AutoPilot deployment profile. We are now using the OOBE Self Deploying Preview which doesn't leave you with too many options.  We can't find any documentation that suggests the desktop/document/etc. folder redirection to OneDrive should be enabled automatically and while it's convenient in our case, it's a little disturbing that it's happening inexplicably.

We've replicated this using multiple tenants.  While I don't like to jump to conclusions, what they have in common is, Self Deploying Preview.

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Embarrassing update: I was wrong, we're seeing the same behavior on machines that are successfully imported into autopilot, or not. But my original point holds: OneDrive is taking over documents/downloads/pictures and we love it, but we don't know why/how it's happening