Onedrive keybinding interferes with another app

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Hey there,


for years I have been using Quicklook from the Microsoft Store. The app let's me display previews of images and files when I press the spacebar in Windows File Explorer (Windows 11). 


I've noticed that for a while now the keyboard binding from OneDrive interferes with this: now when I press the spacebar both the Quicklook preview opens up and OneDrive tries to create a link for filesharing.


Since I don't need this keybind I wanted to deactivate it but can't find an option. Is there a way to remap or deactivate OneDrive keys? 


PS What's up with the "Post flooding detection"? It wouldn't let me post anything

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I've never encountered spacebar as a hotkey in OneDrive within File Explorer (in particular on Win11) so there is perhaps something else going on either with your specific device firmware or the Quicklook app itself. If not, the PowerToys Keyboard Manager may allow you to remap as needed,

The post flooding detection is a PITA on Microsoft forums, but no one who looks after that reads these posts....