OneDrive keeps reverting back to old account

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I am unsuccessfully trying to remove an old OneDrive account and keep my Samsung S22 logged into the new OneDrive account.


I go into settings and remove the old OneDrive account, then go to OneDrive and login to the new one.  Then the next time I open OneDrive, it has reverted back to the old account - any idea how to resolve this annoying issue?

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Have you tried uninstalling the OneDrive app, re-starting your phone, then re-installing it?

@Andrew Warland Yes - doesn’t resolve the issue.  As soon as I close out of OneDrive and go back in, it’s reverted to the old one again.  It’s driving me crazy!

I can imagine how annoying this is. I have a similar phone. When I open my OneDrive and click on the little briefcase icon on the top left, I can see all the accounts I can log on to. I can easily swap between two of these (including my personal OD), however the third one requires me to sign on.
Is it possible that this is being controlled from your M365 account via your M365 log on, on a browser? In other words, the account still exists but has to be removed from there? Or even from a desktop?
Just to add to this, I checked my desktop and I can see the third M365 account is connected with my device, which possibly explains (if OneDrive is Synced) why it appears there since I don't use the OD for that organisation. I expect if I delete the account from my desktop it should remove the OD link in the app.
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Go to the device (not OneDrive) settings > Accounts and Backup > Manage accounts.

Also remove the account there.
I have done that too but as soon as I close out of the OneDrive app, it goes back to the account that I don’t want to be logged into.

@Crowphonic1678 I had the same problem but it seems to be solved. 

Go to the Samsung profile page -> Services -> Connected Services, and disconnect the Microsoft service from your Samsung account. Then, correct the account as mentioned above. Seems rather harmless and also seems to have solved the problem. Keep you posted if it does return tho. Otherwise consider it solved.