OneDrive is stuck - Autosave is off - several colleagues

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Hi everyone,


i (and some others) am having the problem that OneDrive does not work as expected.

It is running

The sync icons are there

But if you are opening a doc from a synced folder - autosave is off.

It is "processing changes".

My build is 22.202.0925.001


Anyone else having these problems? After shutting down OneDrive and reopen - it works for a while.

Office 2208 btw


I have now reset OneDrive and have a look if it is getting better. But i cannot do that for the whole company.




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It is not getting better - after the reset it worked for ~1h and now it is broke again.

If i open a new doc. Autosave is off.

Clicking on "Autosave" gives me that Window




I have deleted all my sync
Deleted Office File Cache
Now it does not work anymore at all - stuck at the highest number of files syncing.
We have the same issue in our company with 1500 users. I think they might have pushed one, or more, bad versions to prod. If you get any help from MS support on this, please update. I have had a case opened, but I've yet to run the gauntlet of dumb questions from the support reps
Same here. Our tenant users seem to have got this issue about 1 to 2 weeks back. However, we have not seen a lot of users affected yet. We have a critical issue open with Microsoft but they have asked for the user to finish syncing all the changes before they proceed on the case (I have already pointed this thread out to them and asked them to check if there is some sort of service degradation).
Even the sync performance of Onedrive for the affected users seems to be affected. We have users syncing changes for weeks.

@StephanGee , we are seeing some progress with a few users for whom the sync issue is now resolved. It appears that there was a windows update pushed out that might have resolved this issue.

Maybe it went away, maybe it came back, but OneDrive with M365 enterprise on Win11 - files online and same file on PC, both not talking to each other. Local editor working with online file only. When I try to open local of same file in local editor, autosave is off and the file changes its name, I have to save as another. Cannot get them to both work together. A lot of pending shortcut files in a huge heap that my company shoved from network share into OneDrive online, has made sync grind to a halt/pending a lot but it is auto-synced, cannot turn it off. Reset did not fix it.