OneDrive for Mac instance linked to OD4B silently disappears and OneDrive must be restarted

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Daily, and on multiple machines, the instance of OneDrive that is linked to my OD4B account crashes silently (or perhaps doesn't recover from a machine sleeping?) and OneDrive must be restarted to get it back.


The symptom is the second OneDrive for Business "clouds" icon in the menu bar disappears and the OD4B folder stops syncing - quitting the remaining OneDrive (personal) cloud icon and relaunching OneDrive brings it back.


I'm running One Drive Version 17.3.6518 (0914) in Sierra 10.12.1 b5, but the behavior isn't linked to Sierra or the beta since it was doing it in El Capitan as well.


I gave it a pass when it was a OneDrive client beta that required terminal entries, etc... but now that it's in production it's a real issue and I can't help but feel I'm not the only one.

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