OneDrive for Business sync SharePoint libraries on Mac

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Is there any view on when the OneDrive for Business sync for Mac will support syncing SharePoint libraries?

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i think it is going to be in q4 but not sure.




we can read about the new Preview to sync SharePoint sites


Is there any view about a PREVIEW for MAC to support syncing SharePoint libraries?


I have followed instructions on the page:


to install the new preview version for Mac.

That’s all OK for private OneDrive and for OneDrive for Business folders.

BUT we have problems to sync SharePoint sites


The link in the SharePoint site “Sync” open the Windows version of OneDrive and not the Mac version.

How can I sync the SharePoint sites?


See images


I have followed all steps.


I have also enable team site sync with the following commands in the Terminal APP: 

Defaults write TeamSiteSyncPreview -bool True

Defaults write Tier Team

Killall cfprefsd


  1. On the Office 365 app launcher, choose SharePoint.

  2. Click the site that you want to sync.

  3. Click Documents or navigate to the subfolder that you want to sync.

  4. Click Sync, and then choose Sync now.

 Here we have the problem, if I click on Sync now the system have to open a OneDrive Windows version and not a Mac version, so I can't add SharePoint site to it!!



How can I sync the SharePoint sites?



Hi Vincenzo,


We had the same problems, which was caused by the level of rights. Did you entered the the commands in the terminal after elevating your rights (by using su)? After this is done you should be able to sync the SharePoint libaries the same way you do on Windows (click sync in SP and OD asks for confirmation).


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by using su

What does it mean?

I am administrator of the Mac!!


p.s. I have inserted again the commands in the terminal as root level

no works!

That’s all OK, now. The tenant was not updated. Now it’s working fine.

Does the Sync not work across different tenants on a Mac? When I click on the sync link it starts to setup a new OneDrive For Business session with a user login something along the lines of

The OneDrive for Mac works fine.

You have to download it from App Store.

The official version not permit to sync sharepoint sites, if you have to do that, you can download the preview version and follow the instrucions here:

You can use private OneDrive and a company OneDrive...


Wow. didn't know preview went public. Thanks a lot.

I'm running 17.3.6673, is there a later preview release than this?

17.3.6673 is the last

Thanks will test on my Win10 VM to see if it is realted to the mac client or tenant(s).

The Mac preview crashes during setup for me. Is there a way we can get support for the preview?

simple to do...

Click on theOneDrive White Icon


Send a problem