OneDrive for Business sync on Mac not working

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We have been using the OneDrive for Mac client for a while now and have been quite happily connecting to our Business accounts, including file sync via the Finder.


However, since around 14/15 September our Mac users, myself included, have been getting the following error message when connecting to our OneDrive for Business account:


"We can't sync your OneDrive - <Company name> Folder


Your IT Department requires that you use a computer that is joined to an approved domain to sync this folder.  For assistance, contact your IT Department."


The only button then available is "Exit OneDrive".  Well, I talked to my colleagues, as I am in IT, and they have not changed anything in our Office 365 settings.  Our Macs are joined to our AD, but it looks as though only PCs joined to the AD can sync.  We are running the latest version of OneDrive for Mac (17.3.6517.0809) and we have been able to sync our folders to OneDrive with this client.


Anyone here got any clues?  Needless to say, the troops are not happy and are having to revert to Google/Dropbox.



Open University, UK

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Have you checked the status of "BlockMacSync"


I am not sure if a bug in older versions applies to Mac or not but make sure you are higher than  15.0.4719.1000 if possible as there was a bug that prevented sync even when domain joined.

Hmm.  I;ll pass that onto the server guys and see what they think.  Thanks.

The response from our O365 guy was:


This wasn’t available and I didn’t set this when enabling the restriction. It must be a new feature, as it’s not available in the PS Module I have installed and used to set the parameter.

I’ve updated and checked - it’s not set:

TenantRestrictionEnabled : True
AllowedDomainList : {237beb20-b620-4b03-a813-9deb61143da2}
BlockMacSync : False
ExcludedFileExtensions : {}
OptOutOfGrooveBlock : True
OptOutOfGrooveSoftBlock : True


So, no joy there.