Onedrive for Business starting up to early/late

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Hi all,


A customer of our corp has Windows 10 1709 running. We experience some issues with Onedrive at the startup. Users which are in the office complain about Onedrive not starting up and Users offshore (Which use Netmotion vpn) complaining about Onedrive starting up to soon. To soon means that the W10 client has not setup a network connection yet.


We also use Ivanti Workspace Management for user policies. In this tool we have defined that the Onedrive client should be te latest -1. I am aware that Onedrive is part of the W10 OS.

I've been browsing different websites but I can't find any usefull information...

The errors users get are: 0x8004deb4 and 0x8004deb2


I found a similiar post which is unanswered:


According to the following post the issue should be solved i a newer client but it does not show which..


Any golden answer for this case?  

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