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Hello, Is it necessary to keep the user mailbox active in order to enable access to the user data on OneDrive for business to another user.


The process we follow during off-boarding:

1. We disable the account in AD.

2. We keep the mailbox active and share the link of the user data on OneDrive for business to another user to download the data.

3. Once the data is downloaded, we delete the mailbox.


Is the above process correct?





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I always advise users to keep project/team documents in a Sharepoint site to avoid this kind of process, also, in most cases I think it's not GDPR compliant.

Although, your process is correct :)

They are not related. But instead of doing things manually, you can take advantage of the functionality Microsoft provides for that scenario. Take a look at Inactive mailboxes:


And OneDrive for Business's automatic access delegation: