OneDrive for Business online-Share with me error

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This is the error several of my co workers and I are seeing.  We have tried different browsers, rebooting and cleared our cache.OneDriveError.JPG

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Hi @AAmaralBack - Thanks for passing this feedback along. This is unexpected - let me investigate and follow up with any additional questions to help resolve.




Great!  Thanks.  I look forward to your response and help with this matter.@Catherine Feldman 

Our entire school district is currently encountering this error. We have opened a support ticket already but find this frustrating as we have 45 schools depending on OneDrive services.



We're getting the same error in our school district. 

Hi @Jose Garcia - We have identified the issue and a fix should be rolling out now. Please let us know if the problem persists in a week or two. Thanks!




Hi @Catherine Feldman thank you for the update. We received a notification early last week of the rollout. thank you.