OneDrive for Business lost shared with me files

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Without any reason i've lost most of OneDrive “Shared with me” content. It is not in the “Recycle bin”. I cannot see the files/folders on the web on my computer/phone. This file are shared with everyone, including me. It only happened with me.

Last Thursday we reshared with me three folders. I was able to see the folders in myaccount under “Shared with me”. This morning they were gone.

Have you seen this before? Do you have any idea what could have happened?

Is there a way to recover the lost content or should we reshare everything?

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I mean, it's probably not the issue but grasping here, you don't bookmark your Shared with me view do you? Did you perhaps bookmark it with a filter applied?

Yesterday, I actually shared the 3 folders (Reserved Area, Internal Files and Administration) after being logged in as the owner of these folders email@domain.ext. I was able to see them in the Shared with Me yesterday when I was logged in as myself. This morning I can no longer see those folders.

Hi @Fabio Fiorio - Can you verify that you still have access to these files? Which browsers have you been experiencing this issue in? This will help us determine the cause and help us investigate a solution.




Good Morning Catherine,


I don't see this shared files with my account. I see this issue with onedrive app for smartphone, my pc (onedrive app for windows) and also in every browser.


Many thanks

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