OneDrive for Business Issue.

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One of our users was facing issues while accessing a word or excel files from the OneDrive synced folder from the system, while the user is able to access the files online. Other files like pdf, etc are opening fine from the synced folder. I raised a ticket with MS and was asked to check on other system and yes it worked fine on the other system, so I formatted the system and after that, there were no issues for that particular user.


The problem is now the same issue is coming for a different user and I did the same process. It was working fine till now and then again the same issue has started for this user. I would need help in understanding, why this issue is occurring. Formatting the system is not a solution for this I guess. Is it because of some DLL file which goes missing?

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Any particular errors you were getting? Do you have the "Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open" setting toggled?


And have you tried clearing the office document cache?

I'm interested because I'm having the same issue with my users. The only difference is that it is happening after getting the computer out of sleep mode. There is no Internet Access, the file is sync locally, but Office (Word / Excel / PPT) refuses to open the document then freezes. However, everything gets in order as soon as there is an Internet Access. I did a cross-check (registry key list) with an another computer (other AD domain), but there was no suitable differences. ODFB is in the last version available. Could it be a conflict with the antivirus ? The issue happens randomly.

I also found this link :
It's for Word 2007 which made me think about a registry key matter or a problem related to the need for an Internet Access. I'm not sure if this will help us to identify the root cause of the issue

Hello @Vasil Michev @Stephane KLOIS,


Thanks for your replies.

1. Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open" setting toggled - I had default settings, so this was already toggled.

2. I haven't tried to clear the office document cache, instead, I ran Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant tool and after analyzing the issues it automatically reinstalled Office 365 on the user's system. Since then I haven't found any issues. Hope this is permanently resolved now.



Abhishek Kumar.