OneDrive for Business Inactivity Report

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Has anyone looked for or found a way to report on OneDrive for Business inactivity? The purpose would be to proactively identify possible sync client issues. We have already seen a few cases in our environment where the sync client isn't launching at startup and the users may not notice for awhile. It would be great if we could create a report to show a list of inactive users.

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AFAIK, such a report does not exist cc @Anne Michels @Stephen Rose

It's something we are looking at. I suggest you add the request to UserVoice so it get's visibility with our engineering team

Well, if you need it that bad, there are 3rd party reporting products that offer such reports. Won't give you names, but you can search for them on the internet.

Hi Andrew,

have you tried the "OneDrive Usage" report in the admin center? This report might be a good starting point as it includes "last activity date" for the individual accounts. You can use the "export" functionality to get to the full list. Please note that the activity on an account can be performed by the owner of the account or also by somebody else. i.e. if I modify a document on my coworker's Brian account that he shared with me, that's also counted as activity.



Thank you for the replies.  After reviewing both the OneDrive Usage report and the Audit Log Search in the Security and Compliance Center, it appears that we can get close to an inactivity report.  Both methods are imperfect for reasons similar to the one that Anne described.  I will also check UserVoice and add a suggestion if one does not already exist.