Onedrive for Business - File explorer showing new icon

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I noticed a new icon in the file explorer navigation pane this week. It appears to be a sharing icon, group of people. The folder it is showing on is shared, but so are some other folders, but they don't have the icon on them. This is the only folder showing this. It also sorts to the top of the right file explorer pain, not in Name order like the rest. What is the logic of this and when does it show?



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Pretty sure that's not related to OneDrive, that's the "Windows" Sharing Icon. If you right click the folder and go down to "Give Access" > Specific people, you probably have people listed there being shared. If you remove access this icon will probably go away, but that's not the OneDrive sharing method.

Thanks so much! I feel a little stupid with that one. I've been using OneDrive Sharing a lot and must have somehow clicked on that and didn't realize it. With MS making so many little changes, I just thought maybe this was one of them. I removed the access from there and the icon is gone.


Thanks again