OneDrive for Business desktop client - unable to search for external contacts

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It seems with a recent update, users are no longer able to search for external contacts in the OneDrive share dialog box. It works on OneDrive for Business web interface, but not the desktop app versions 20.201.1005.0009 & 21.002.0104.0004.


This is causing a big disruption and users are wanting to use other services. Has anyone else noticed this? Why would this change for the desktop app?

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I for the life of me can’t remember the fix for this but there was a very similar issue with it awhile back that someone had finally figured it out and it was something really easy and odd that fixed the issue like local computer time being off or something like that. If you haven’t you might try searching for it see if you have any luck. I’d look but in bed about to crash! I just know this popped up once before quiet some time ago. If I remember I’ll ping back but I’ll look tomorrow too if you haven’t found yet.
Thanks, Chris! I am able to reproduce this in three completely different tenants so I have raised a support request with MS. I'll share here once we resolve the issue.

We have observed the same issue with OneDrive for Business (Mac desktop client).  Can search for external contacts with the web version.  Recent desktop beta did not fix the issue either @amiahfp