OneDrive for Business Access Denied

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Good afternoon.


We just had our O365 tenant space turned on.  We are able to access OneDrive for Business on the PC's however when we try to access with the iPhone App we get an Unauthorized message as shown in image 1 from the iphone (7 Plus ios 10.3.2).


When we try and go to we get an error as shown in image 2.


Could someone please assist? I am setup as a Global Administrator for Office 365.  Thank you!

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Strange messages. I'd suggest logging a Service Request as that doesn't appear to be normal.


I have just come across the same issue, and managed to solve it by clearing the browser cache files. 


Hope that helps.




Brendon, were you the receiver or sender of the link? Today, I clicked on Share, chose colleague, clicked Send, and his access was denied as the receiver of the link. Would really appreciate any insight as we need to make this work. Thanks! Esther