Onedrive for Biz Roadmap?

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Would be great if we could see some roadmap documentation around the OFB product beyond the Q2 which has been communicated fairly broadly.





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Definitely. We're leveraging OFB for our user personal storage, but I'm just kinda blown away that there's no multi-user shared storage product offering to compete with Box and the like, so ShareFile it is. Talon and StorSimple would work but that's just replacing our storage systems, not extending them with offline sync.

Sure, we could move all that stuff into SharePoint and that's where it'd be best kept, but we don't have the time/resources to manage a project like that - SharePoint will be EOL by the time we even got that off the ground.
Office 365 Groups is the 'multi-user' version of OneDrive, the natural step up from your personal storage to your teams storage.
did you try searching for "OneDrive" at or are you looking for something specific?

1. We are working on support for "Shared Folder" sync so you have similar capabilities to OneDrive, Box, Dropbox etc

2. For formal collaboration with groups of people, Office 365 Groups provisions storage for you (in the form of a SharePoint Site with a Document Library).


Both #1 and #2 will be supported via sync by end of year.

We absolutely need shared file storage in OFB. We are not going to migrate to SharePoint ... currently using Dropbox.

So ... OFB roadmap predicts shared file storage by end of 2016 ?
Sorry, but Office 365 Groups is too slow and awkward for our use. Need robust and streamlined with serious capacity for several users.
Item #1 Awesome !!! Omar you bring great news!

(... support for "Shared Folder" sync so you have similar capabilities to OneDrive, Box, Dropbox etc ... supported via sync by end of year.)
Can you give an example of how a group is slow and awkward ? In my organisation groups are very well recieved, and it's very natural to have defined a list of users once and for this to be common across multiple services.
I'm in that same group where we found groups too slow in file save and retrieval. Perhaps it is the size of our files, the depth of folder structure, the number of folders and the need for all to access almost every document. We look forward to One Drive for Business multi-user shared files expansion by end of 2016.
Groups use pretty much the same backend as OneDrive, so it's going to be the same. Even if you have your OneDrive files synced locally, unless you are completely offline the Office client apps will open them from the cloud in order to allow coediting etc.
The shared multi-use files stuff you are referring to is the ability to sync either groups folders, or to sync folders shared with you. Again for Office files these will generally still open in the same way, from the server.

I keep a close watch on the roadmap. The latest information, including the announcements from the Future of SharePoint event on May 4th, are summarized starting at minute 5:08 in this video.