OneDrive folder redirection disappears

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We have a customer with enabled folder redirection through OneDrive where sometimes the folder redirection disappears, normal user desktop and documents show up instead.

To solve this, we have to manually go into the OneDrive Settings -> Backup -> Manage Backup & Start Sync
After that the folders and redirection is back.

This can last from weeks to months until it happens again, random when it happens and to which user.

Any ideas how this can be solved automatically or by a script that enforces the Backup Sync in OneDrive that can be run in the background (once a day or a few times a day for example).


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Hello Robert_Iver,

I am guessing the folder redirection was set up via GPO? Have you tried forcing an update to the existing policy? also is this an issue across all devices or random devices joined to your domain?


Kindly make this findings to help troubleshoot in the right direction and be rid of the manual workaround as it can be exhausting and not feasible if you have many devices.



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It's setup through Intune Policy, setup on all devices in our customers domain. This is the only customer with this issue as well.

It's random who and when they get the issue, i would say 80-90% haven't experienced this issue yet out of 300+ users. So i would assume the Policy is working as intended and OneDrive.exe is running on the users machine, normal sync of files are working perfectly well, it's just the redirection/backup sync that stops.