OneDrive Folder Redirection after OneDrive Client signed in

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We're currently testing out Folder Redirection to OneDrive via the below methods:


System variable (%OneDrive%) and pointing native folder redirection to %OneDrive%\Desktop, Documents etc via the below method:

This method appears to work for us, except when users gets signed in with the silentaccountconfig registry key via the GPO, it will take approximately 5-10 minutes for OneDrive to sign in which means the folder redirection will not apply and we'll need to sign the user out and back in or force a group policy update for it to apply once OneDrive is synced.


The other option is known folder move -


This method only moves Documents, Pictures and Desktop so we're more inclined to go with the first method above as it'll meet our needs.


We've had mixed success and failures with (duplicate files etc) except when testing it on a new clean profile, it could take ages to sync.


We don't want to have files on demand enabled at first with the migration because not all our users are savvy enough to know which files to make available on this device and which ones to keep online. So we wanted to download all to the local machine as a cache (in C:\Users\username - OneDrive - Tenantname).


Is there a way we can use the first method (preferred) where folder redirection doesn't apply until the Onedrive client silent account/windows account signs in)?


We've tried the below group policy setting:

Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon.


The problem is, we'd have to wait for Onedrive to sync which we can do but folder redirection firs tried to apply before OneDrive signs in and starts a sync, If we can get FR to apply once OneDrive starts to sync that would be great.

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Hello hope you're well!

I'm looking to do the same thing you asked for.


My environment is Horizon 8 + FSLogix + DEM


Have you find something fine? 


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