OneDrive Files On Demand - 5TB on a 126GB system

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5TB in OneDrive for Business - had to give it a try - on a 126GB system.






I used a mix of MP4s, PPTs, some WordPress themes, and a 7GB zip file.

File count: 310,580

Dirs count: 52,971


When you start getting close you'll be presented with a warning:




  • I used the "Copy to" operation in the OneDrive web site. It's super fast compared with making a copy of folders in your OneDrive on your desktop and waiting for sync. I was getting around 5-15 seconds for duplicating 60GBs. 
  • The list threshold limit of 5000 files+folders is also the limit for the maximum number of files+folders you can have in a "Copy to" operation. You can perform the operation on your desktop and wait for the sync.



Achievement unlocked.




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"The sync performance of OneDrive [client] may start to decline when you store more than 100,000 files in a single OneDrive for Business site or team site library. To resolve this limitation, ensure that files are stored in multiple folders/libraries." from

Files on Demand an absolute brilliant addition for Surface and other portable device users, especially for people who work across several O365 tenants. My hard drive currently showing only about 0.6% of what I have in a OneDrive that is skewed to photos and video when it comes to file type. Access speeds totally acceptable, esp when the flexibility of what is synchronised is considered.

Don't know why but this came to my mind when reading this lol! OneDrive took a lick and kept on ticking. Good stuff.