OneDrive Files and Folders limitations

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I have migrated a users home share over to OneDrive for Business using the SPO migration tool which worked great.


For certain folders the contents exceed the 20,000 files/folders max but this works ok for the user.


But if the user attempts to share out this large folder there is an error (see attached).


Has anyone seen this?

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Assume this is OneDrive for Business Online? You should be able to view these. It may take time for the indexes to auto generate, but you can manually go to that users onedrive and visit this URL
customize documents library, then under columns section check the Column indexes. See if there are any there, you may have to add some in there based on like modified/created/title to get past that 5000 item limit.

Hi Christopher,


Really appreciate the response.


You are correct in that I am referring to OD4B web portal. 


So all my files and folders have come across OK.


What I am actually doing is trying to collapse one of my on premise file servers, used to house software repository files over to OD4B.


Practically all content is hanging off a single root folder and as such, I cannot rename that root folder or any sub-folder where there are more than 5000 items in.


Following your advice, I created a new Column index based on Title, but this does not seem to have any affect unfortunately.


So am I better off:-


  • Create multiple Document Libraries (if this possible) and spread content over there?
  • Break up the root folder contents on the default document library and make sure other new root folders have less than 5000 items in total?

Any advice would be appreciated.