OneDrive fails to open or log in since June 2021

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I have been working with Microsoft support on and off since June to determine why OneDrive does not open or log in on my PC.  I have worked with over a dozen techs and spent almost 50 hours on the phone trying a laundry list of items suggested by the techs however there has yet be a solution.  From uninstall/reinstall, Windows Updates, different PCs, using my home PC not on the work domain, to registry entries, PowerShell commands, testing different users in our tenant; nothing has allowed OneDrive to start and successfully log in and sync.  The only way I can able to interact with OneDrive is to use the web based version but I cannot download/open those documents on my local PC.  I must use the web based interface.  This has also caused all Teams shared documents to have to be edited in the Teams window and not the native app.


I have asked MS for a list of all URL's associated with OneDrive to ensure my corporate web filter is allowing a connection.  Since this does not work from my home PC I do not feel it is related to blocked sites.  I have disabled MFA on my O365 account thinking this was the issue but no luck either.  I am able to log into my personal OneDrive account from the office network however MS cannot tell me the different between the 2 services or if they use different methods of authentication.


Just posting here to see if anyone else has any suggestions that are beyond what Google searches or MS Support can provide.  I have contacted my CSP vendor however they have no idea of the cause either.  This has been the most frustrating MS related issue I have encountered in over 20 years of using their products.


Thanks for your input.

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