OneDrive external sharing setttings not being saved

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First, the current set up:


1. O365 Admin Center > Settings > Security & privacy > Sharing > let users add new guests to the organization is set to yes

2. OneDrive Admin Center > Sharing > users can create shareable links that don't require sign-in


The need:

Because only a couple users need to be able to create anonymous sharing links, we are setting external sharing settings on a user by user basis. Everyone else should be able to create links to share with authenticated guests.


The issue:

Adjusting the OneDrive external sharing settings for each user are not being saved. I click the radio button to the 1st option to allow authenticated guests and save. I go back a few minutes later and it's reverted back to the 3rd radio button that only allows sharing with guests that are already in AD.


This has been happening for over a week. (PowerShell was run previously and those settings were not saved either)


Any ideas appreciated.

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My suggestion would be to try PowerShell, but since you've already covered that, go ahead an open a support case.

Thank you @Vasil Michev - opened one up last week. no updates yet.