OneDrive - Export a list of URLs that are being synced

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I currently sync around 30 different sharepoint sites to my PC.

Occasionally (every 6-8 months), my onedrive gets stuck at "Signing In", so I need to un-link, uninstall, reinstall onedrive and log in to get it working again. 

When I do this, I lose the list of sites I am syncing, so have to find them all again and re-sync.



Is there a way to export a list of synced URLs and their corresponding folder names on my PC?



My current workaround is to export a section of the registry and work through the URL list manually.



Ideally, there would be a profile option where you could have all your current onedrive folder syncs listed and choose which ones to sync to each device you log into.



Thanks for any advice.

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The short answer is no.

Instead of working with the registry you can simply right+click+view online on folders at the first level of sync the get the appropriate URL for that specific folder and match it with the windows folder path.

Your wishlist could be a great idea to submit on the UserVoice.



Thanks for the suggestion Jacques.

With 34 folders being synced, that is a long investment in time to achieve. Thanks foe the pointer to the UserVoice site. I have found a similar idea already on there.  If anyone wants to also suggest this feature, please vote this idea up: