OneDrive excessive writes at startup on MacOS

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Running MacOS Ventura 13.6.1 on an M1 processor and OneDrive, direct from Microsoft, version 23.226.1031.0001 (shorter version numbers would be nice...). It's a OneDrive for business O365 account.


Every time the app is started activity monitor is showing huge amounts of data being written to disk within the first few minutes of startup. It varies between approx 8GB and 13GB each time no matter how many times you stop/start the app. It isn't downloading this data from the Internet as my connection isn't that fast and activity monitor says it isn't downloading anything. I have approx 200GB in the cloud and 10GB locally.


Anybody got any ideas what's going on?





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I got the same issue on my Mac OS Sonoma, Onedrive writes ~25GB each time it starts up no matter if you have new data to sync or not. Temporary solution is: Do not to log out of your account or Restart the Mac if not neccessary.