OneDrive Error - Unable to open file via Open in App

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This error has occurred with one of our users. 

When they go to open a PDF via Open in App, they get 'Error 0x80070183 - The cloud sync provider failed to perform the operation due to low system resources' (see image attached).

I checked the users C drive and it was quite full so I went on and deleted all the items from the OneDrive Cache, all items from their downloads, and went on to empty their Recycle bin. 
We checked this again the following day and the error still appeared. 
If there a limit to how much you need to have available to use this function?
The user definitely has several GB free which I thought would be enough. 
I know OneDrive creates temporary folders to host files when using Open in App, so I understand the requirement for free space, but I'm not sure why it's so much, if that is in fact the cause. 


Any feedback here would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance, 


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