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Are many people seeing the option to download from Onedrive multiple files or folders as ZIP files? I have seen one or two posts from people saying it is available in their tenant and I believe it was to be completed by end of December but see nothing in my tenant.

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Yes, the rollout is expected to be completed by the end of December 2016.

In fact, I see the feature.

Here is  the link:


Thanks Salvatore, I do not see that in my message center yet so I maybe have to be patient and hope that it is there before the end of the month. I am on first release so I could prepare for it but still no sign of it.
Yes, be patiente :-). I can confirm that I have the feature in some of my tenants, but also that depending on the browser it works as expected or I see weird problems such as zip file not being generating or zip file being generated after a long time :p

So the expected update by the end of the year has not happened and I am still not seeing any option to download multiple files as a zip file nor do I see anything in the Portal announcing to my tenant that it is available. 


Disappointed to say the least :(


From your experiments what browser wierdness are you seeing?
Edge and IE are the ones with these weird problems

Any updates/ETA on this from Microsoft?

This is still not showing in our tenant.


Is your tenant FR? At this stage the rollout is for First Release only.

Hi Salvatore, I have set up my account to receive First Release updates only in my tenant.

@Juan Carlos González Martín have these issues been resolved or are you still not able to download the zips?

We just see windows popping up and closing again with nothing happening.



UPDATE: Found the answer here:

In OneDrive for Business, you can't use Internet Explorer to download folders or multiple files. You can use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to download folders or multiple files.


As an IE 11 user you see the download button, but it actually doesn't work! Everyone was keen to see that this feature is finally available, but wait.... not in the browser you are told to use for everything else Sharepoint/OneDrive related. Why show it in IE 11 then and confuse users??


<rant>In addition I was hoping that this update would now let me download files/folders which have been shared with me, but this does not seem to be the case. I will hardly ever have to download my own files...

A useless feature IMHO </rant>

Just an update to this Post... I am now seeing the ability to download multiple files and folders in my Tenant. Patience was all that we needed..... A lot of patience :)


I encountered similar "weird problems", as reported there:

(wrong community, **bleep**)


As stated in the post I have also contacted Business Support last week: I've tried today and all the problems seems to be gone!

Is there any way to turn this off per site?  I want to be able to download multiple files to Surface Hub (which can't open ZIP files).