Onedrive doesn't synchronise pdf and some of the word files

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Hello, I have a synchronisation problem with my onedrive. I am using windows 10, microsoft 365 and I have linked different devices: laptop, pc, surface pro and my iphone 8 with onedrive however, the pdf files and some word documents I saved in onedrive via my pc do not get synchronised even though the files are very small and I uploaded them 10 months ago to onedrive via my pc. On the right bottom I can see the synchronisation button is working but there must be still something wrong if pdf files of 188kb are still not synchronised after 10 months. 


Updates of softwares are ran regularly so I have no idea what is causing the problem. Does someone know how I can fix this issue?


Many thanks in advance for your help.


Siu Ching 



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@Siu_Ching How do you know they are not synchronizing? Are they not showing up in the web view of OneDrive ... or? 


"On the right bottom I can see the synchronisation button is working " The right bottom of what? I do not know of a synchronisation button ... what are you referring to?

@Mike Williams  Hi Mike, sorry for this late reply. I saw your request via coming in via my outlook and replied accordingly not knowing that the messages will not be delivered. Anyway, I am using this platform first time in my life so still have things to learn. Regarding your question about the synchronization button, I mean this onedrive cloud sign on the right bottom of the monitor. From there you can see if onedrive is synchronizing or not.



@Siu_Ching The OneDrive icon will show you if it is running, but it won't show you the specifics of whether a particular file is synchronized. For that you will need to look at 

1. The actual folder where the file is stored, and the status icon next to the file

2. The webview of OneDrive, so you can see if a copy has ever been uploaded and the last time it was updated.

@Mike Williams  Hi Mike, the issue has finally been resolved. I have no idea how and thought you maybe fixed it for me on your end but maybe that is not possible. Only thing I know is that it wasn't me who resolved the issue as I have been trying for nearly a year without success and stopped trying hence, registered with this platform for support. Anyway, I am so happy. At least I can access the files again from different devices and hopefully it will stay like this. 


Many thanks for your support. 


Best regards,


Siu Ching

Hi @Siu_Ching and @Mike Williams 
Jumping onto this thread as I am having the same issue, with pdf files on my old computer (local files) not syncing / showing up on OneDrive online (web), and thus not accessible from my new computer (Lenovo Yoga, Windows 11), despite having the same Microsoft OneDrive account activated...


Word, powerpoint, excel all seem to be syncing... just not pdfs?


I've tried unlinking both computers from OneDrive several times, with no effect. All files sync successfully EXCEPT for pdf?

I can manually upload a pdf document to OneDrive online... but local folder pdfs don't upload/sync automatically.

Any advice appreciated.