OneDrive document 'description' search issue

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I wonder if anybody can advise/throw some light on the following...


I have been storing PDF documents in One Drive and adding descriptions or text in the form of key words in the 'description field'. I used to be able to search for the key words in the description field and OneDrive would display the results.


However, of late OneDrive doesn't bring back any results based on the text in the description field for each file. I can however, still search for parts of a file name ok.    


Added to this I have noticed when adding text in the form of keywords to the description field it will add the same descriptions to multiple files for some reason. My work around around is to display the files as a 'list' select one file add a description then select another file and unselect the one I have just added a description to. By doing this the description text is not copied.  I have not had this problem before when I just worked through each file with the image shown on the screen and used the '>' to the navigate to the next file image. 


Any insights would be appreciated, thanks David


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