OneDrive Deletion Final Notification for an Active User

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I got a notification from a manager that he has received a final 7 day notice for deletion of an employee's OneDrive, which would be fine, except the user is very much active. No changes to licensing or issues with the employee's AD account as far as we can tell. 


Does anyone have any suggestion of what might be wrong that would have OneDrive notifying the manager of impending deletion of OneDrive?


Thanks very much for your time!

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Did you ever get this figured out? My customer is seeing the opposite, a deactivated user and the manager not being notified.

We did. Turned out that the user had two OneDrive sites created through some stroke of luck and one of them was in the process of deletion. Once we purged the extra Onedrive site the note quit being sent, and they were able to get on without thinking the data they uploaded to OneDrive was going to get lost.


I'm afraid that won't help with your issue though. I assume their manager field in Azure AD is properly filled in?


Hope you get that figured out!

We've seen the same issue where one of our user accounts had been set to expire, but when their contract was extended and the expiry date changed, the 7 day notification was still sent to their line manager, even though they are still licensed and active. I'm guessing the 7 day expiry notification sits in a queue as soon as an account expires or loses its license. Was this the same scenario for your affected account?